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Read Client Testimonials of Financial Guidance Center in Nevada

“Financial Guidance Center worked with me to learn how I can sustain my own economic future. The IDA program enabled me to invest into my education and supported me to make my dreams of home ownership a real possibility. Financial Guidance Center opened doors to a future I can be proud of and inspired my hopes to achieve financial success.”

—LL, March 2016

“The Debt Management Plan (DMP) has allowed me to take back control of my finances and turned the impossible task of repaying my debt into a manageable and achievable goal.”

—DM, January 2016

“The Debt Management Plan (DMP) is convenient, and a much better alternative than falling behind on my debts and getting calls from collectors.

—AP, August 2015

“I enrolled in FGC’s Post-Secondary/Vocational Education IDA Program to not only learn better saving and money management sills, but also to help with the cost of my post-secondary education. Other students should participate in this program because it’s a great way to learn real life skills in savings and reaching goals within a time frame. Also, this program is beneficial to students who want to pay for school while they work and attend school.”

—HL, January 2015

“Thank you to Financial Guidance Center for all they have done for me. There are no words to express my appreciation.”

—JO, January 2013

“I honestly do not know what our family would have done without FGC’s service. They helped us, guided us, and now we are staying in our home.”

—Mr. and Mrs. E, January 2013




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Toll Free: 800-451-4505




Toll Free: 800-451-4505