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Secure Your Future with Financial Education

From basic budgeting to managing student loans, we provide a variety of in person and live virtual webinar options. Learn about managing credit, the importance or credit reports and scores, planning for the holidays, and many other financial topics relevant to you.

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We also have the following offerings:

A Home of My Own Homebuyer Education

Most everyone has dreams of owning a home. Investment counselors have long maintained that home ownership is an excellent investment. This course prepares each individual with necessary information to make informed decisions relative to this type of financial undertaking. Those attending all sessions will receive a Housing Education Certificate. This certificate is required by many lenders and down payment assistance programs to meet eligibility requirements for Affordable Home Buyer Programs.


Bankruptcy Pre-Discharge Debtor Education

The pre-discharge education course covers a variety of financial and budgeting topics, assuring you have the tools necessary to build a strong financial foundation. During the bankruptcy education program, you will receive tips and tools for wise money management and credit use. You will also discover how to set achievable financial goals, calculate your net worth, create a livable budget, and build a savings plan. In addition, the program facilitator will share with you how to obtain credit reports, establish or re-establish credit, dispute errors, and protect yourself from identity theft. For your convenience, the pre-discharge education program is available by telephone and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The bankruptcy education program is available in English and Spanish.

Register for bankruptcy education

Upon completion of the pre-discharge bankruptcy course, you will be promptly issued a certificate of participation that allows you to proceed and apply for the bankruptcy discharge certificate. Timely certificate delivery is offered by email, fax, or mail.

Money in Motion

If you have received your login and password information and wish to proceed to complete the course online, click here to login.  

Budgeting 101

Is your money getting away from you? Where is it going? This class offers ideas and suggestions relative to planning and building for a brighter financial future.

Credit 101

Don’t risk your time and money with so-called “credit repair.” Building and maintaining favorable credit will allow you to achieve a better lifestyle. Learn how to deal with credit problems and ways to build your credit worthiness.






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