African American couple consulting Financial Guidance Center for expert financial counseling services

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We provide the services to meet your complete financial needs. We do not loan money; we assist you in meeting your financial goals through counseling and education.

Our Certified Consumer Credit and Housing Counselors are professionally trained to provide you with a comprehensive confidential evaluation of your finances at no cost or obligation to you. After your evaluation is complete, your counselor will provide you with viable options to overcome your financial and housing problems and if your budget permits, create a realistic Debt Management Plan to consolidate your debts.

To begin your counseling, click here to complete our confidential worksheet online. If you prefer, you can obtain a paper copy of the worksheet that can be filled out and then mailed, emailed, faxed, or delivered to our office. To obtain this paper copy, you can either print the worksheet or contact us to request a copy.




S. Nevada: 702-364-0344
N. Nevada: 775-337-6363
Toll Free: 800-451-4505




Toll Free: 800-451-4505